“…an intriguing world of futuristic technology, made more familiar by contemporary references” … “Radiant descriptions also enhance the story” Kirkus Reviews

The volumes of New Praetorians are an epic science fiction saga which pushes action adventure through the boundaries of science fantasy. In the near future, a modern warrior woman gains inexplicable powers and the battle she was born fighting explodes in ways no one could imagine.

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The Heroine expected by no one in a Sci-Fi technothriller you won’t want to put down.

“For fans of Ripley, Katniss, Lisbeth, Katsa, and Sarah in a contemporary near-future setting.”

Sci-Fi / Fantasy suggested for 16+ (violence, mild profanity)

Imagine a world with more than 100 million desperate refugees.

Live in a future where a climate and radiation-desolated wasteland has become the last hope to men, women and children dispossessed of everything but their lives.

Sienna McKnight’s odyssey began 23 years ago. She was born a nameless half breed on an overseas military base. With her first breaths she tenaciously clung to life on the edge of the Wandering Desert in a land now called Khorasan. Adopted by a military family and raised in America, she never forgot her origins. How could she? Her fate is spelled out in a rough pattern of runes cut across her body in a language of unearthly hate. An ancient terror approaches. Her destiny threatens to consume her. Through it all, Sienna must find a way to protect what is most precious.


The New Praetorians series was inspired by the format of the TV show Lost, especially its character-focus episodes.

Ten character-driven novellas recount a single, overarching story. The lives of many intriguing characters interconnect. They are moral and amoral, human and AI, and a dark matter life form as vast as thought itself.


An object. On Earth it is known as the Ansible. The light it shines cannot be photographed, only seen. Inside its invisible, impenetrable, shell, everyone sees something different.

The TYR Lens: a desalination plant the size of Manhattan Island floating in the Indian Ocean off the shores of Khorasan. Powered by biomass and solar energy, it supplies drinking water and electricity throughout the densely populated region, all the way to the Himalayas. Three hundred million people depend on its bounty each day.

Khorasan: a country created by the superpowers from a climate and radiation ravaged wasteland. It is sanctuary for the world’s most desperate refugees. Its Constitution requires it to have open borders. The Khorasan Sovereignty is a last haven for people violently dispossessed of everything but their lives. The massive and shadowy humanitarian agency which administers the young nation may have its own agenda.

The Lichtstrom, EU: a corporate nation established on top of the privatized CERN supercolliders. The domain of Professor Chrysostomus Licht, it is the hub of the world’s information systems. The carrier waves are neutrinos and photons of light. Lichtwerks Corp. products get under your skin, literally. Their injectable “You ARE the phone” product is their latest upgrade.


  • “…an intriguing world of futuristic technology, made more familiar by contemporary references” … “Radiant descriptions also enhance the story”

    Kirkus Reviews